This section is to help explain how and when changes can occur.  These would be changes in fees, as well as rules/bylaws.  Keep in mind that county laws supersede our bylaws. 

Pine Glen consists of 112 homes.  2/3 participation is required for all votes to be considered. 2/3 of 112 is 74.

Per the community bylaws, the board can increase dues, up to 14% each year, without a membership vote.

Special assessments require a membership vote.  Changes/additions to bylaws would also require a membership vote. 66% of the membership would need to cast a vote for the assessment to be considered.  If the voting requirement is met, the side with the most votes cast will win. This process requires hiring a lawyer to draw up paperwork, mailing of said paperwork to each homeowner, and a special HOA meeting regarding the proposed vote.  As you can see, time and our money go into these votes.  Our previous experiences with votes have received little to no interest.