Welcome to the Official Pine Glen Association Page

If you’re new to the neighborhood and have a question, feel free to reach out to any of the board members or use the request form page, and we’ll respond. The following page was created as a central source for information regarding the Pine Glen Home Owners Association in Land O Lakes, Florida. This page is designed as a reference page for new and longstanding residents of the Pine Glen neighborhood.

The HOA board has curated the information here and will work to keep this page up to date with association updates. If you have questions about where to find things or something in particular, then please get in touch with JC, one of the board members, or use the Request Form, and someone will respond typically in 1-2 business days.

Pine Glen Paint Colors

The board has chosen another community with a wide variety of color options to add to the already existing approved colors for Pine Glen. This color package will be voted on in the upcoming meeting for approval. The link below will bring you to the pending color options for viewing.

Once the color package is approved, we are working to have Pine Glen added to Sherwin Williams database online.


Only semi-gloss is allowed, and the paint can’t be modified with sprinkles or other additives that change the appearance.

2024 Board Candidates

Dear Residents of Pine Glen,
We currently have 14 homeowners who have expressed their interest in running for the Board of Directors. As per Florida statutes, residents can still join the election process during the annual meeting, potentially altering the enclosed Ballot. In the event you are unable to attend the meeting in person and are participating through Zoom, you may consider entrusting your ballot to a proxy holder. Your proxy can then present the completed ballot at the meeting on your behalf. Please note that only printed and completed ballots will be accepted, and if you are attending the meeting via Zoom, voting will not be possible.

Below is an alphabetical list of candidates, with personal information sheets provided by two of the candidates. Your active participation in this election is crucial, and we appreciate your cooperation.
1. Adam, Vale
2. Carl, Michael
3. Cheryl, Cook
4. Gay, Fischer
5. Gina, Sloat
6. James (Jimmy), Young
7. Jason, Frary – Provided personal info sheet
8. Jeff, Rappoport
9. Joe, Nachez
10. Kenny, McClure – Provided personal info sheet
11. Linda, Hill-Perdue
12. Lisa, Finley
13. Luis, Rhonda
14. Tim, Mott

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Personal info provided by candidates

Jason Frary
“My name is Jason Frary. We moved to Pine Glen 5 years ago. I have been on the Board of Directors for 3 years and occupying the role of President for the last 18 months. During my tenure, I have been working on getting Pine Glen into the 21st century. If re-elected, I will continue to try to do what is best for the community and its residents.”

Kenny McClure
“My name is Kenny McClure and I have lived in Pine Glen for over 15 years. I’ve previously held several positions on the board to include head of the fining committee, secretary, and president. I have been to very few meetings in the past several years due to my position as a supervisor at Tampa International Airport, but my schedule has recently changed, which will allow me more time to attend, as often as possible.

I also know, from previous experience that a lot of the work is done via email and I have that
time as well. The few meetings I attended were not like the meetings I am used to, seeming very chaotic. I hope to help the board regain some control of the meetings and other communications and help the neighborhood prosper. I would also like to make badly needed updates to the neighborhood covenants, within the confines of the law, Pasco County or otherwise.”

2023 Holiday Towing Exception Schedule

Dear residents, please note that the towing of vehicles parked in the streets overnight will be suspended on the below-listed dates. However, any vehicle parked within 20 feet of a stop sign or otherwise poses a safety hazard is still subject to towing. Please be mindful and don’t block other people’s driveways and

        Thanksgiving – Nov 23rd – Nov 26th
        Hanukkah – Dec 7th – Dec 11th
        Christmas/New Year- Dec 22nd – Jan 2nd

        Happy Holidays – JC